Forest bath: the ultimate natural remedy for stress

“Sylvotherapy” originates from the Latin word “silva” which means wood or forest. In Japan, the term “ shinrin yoku ” is used instead . Thus, the forest bath refers to a practice which consists in improving the state of health of the body and the spirit by the simple contact with the energy of the trees. This therapeutic approach brings better relaxation thanks to the link established with the energetic vibrations emitted by plants. Although it has been running for decades, it was not until the 1990s that it became the subject of scientific research.

Fall depression, how to overcome it?

We have already covered the first in a previous article. As for the fall depression, it often begins at the first signs of the fall equinox. As a rule, this coincides with the last days of August and persists for several weeks thereafter. However, the majority of us face a momentary decline in morale during this time of transition. However, this does not necessarily indicate that one suffers from a depressive disorder. To make sure that your symptoms are associated with fall depression, it is essential to determine whether they appear at the same time for a minimum of two consecutive years. Unlike other different forms of depression , this usually subsides on its own as spring arrives.