10 tips to end constipation

Unless its origin is a real medical problem, constipation is most often related to bad habits. A few simple healthy lifestyle tips will help you improve your intestinal transit. Discover the right remedies.

Drink water to avoid constipation

We know: you have to drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids per day daily to be in good shape. This habit is all the more important if one tends to be constipated because the absorption of liquids in sufficient quantity promotes the softening of the stools and contributes to their better evacuation . Consume as much water, juice and soups as you want without straining the coffee and tea too much.

Anti-constipation advice: drink fresh citrus juice on an empty stomach

Citrus juices (orange, grapefruit…) are excellent natural laxatives . Their action on your intestinal transit will be even better, if you get into the habit of consuming a large, chilled glass of one of these fruit juices every morning on an empty stomach, which will help you, moreover, to fill up with vitamins … be in shape all day.

Anti-constipation diet: eat more fiber

Today, our diet is rather poor in natural fibers. However, these dietary fibers help your gut eliminate waste from your body . So consume more fruits and fresh and dried vegetables , prefer whole grains (rice, pasta, bread, etc.) to overly refined grains which are notably lacking in these precious fibers.

Eat prunes to fight constipation

A proven grandmother’s remedy. Prunes , juices and jams from these fruits are natural and effective laxatives .

Sports against constipation

Sedentary life promotes constipation . By strengthening your abdominal muscles , regular exercise also helps to pass stool more frequently. Simple exercises will help you strengthen your abdominal belt.

Constipation: massage your stomach

To activate a lazy gut, gently and regularly massage your stomach . Better: ask your partner for this little treatment that will combine the useful with the pleasant.

Take your time to go to the bathroom

The stress and lack of time spent in the toilet is conducive to constipation . Normal bowel movement involves different muscles that must be relaxed in order to function better. Take a book or a magazine and make yourself comfortable on the toilet seat for better relaxation.

Go to the bathroom at regular times

Go to the bathroom at the same time every day , and you will train your gut and your muscles to do their job regularly. Once again, know how to take your time and do not worry if “it does not come”. Good habits can take a long time to acquire!

Don’t hold back to avoid constipation

For a variety of reasons, some people hold back, refusing to meet the demands of their organization. You should not want to postpone the moment of having a bowel movement, otherwise you will not have to go at all.

Constipation: beware of laxatives

Over time, the abuse of laxatives leads to dependence on the intestine, which can no longer function normally and naturally. Before resorting to it, try natural solutions. If that is not enough, talk to your doctor.

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