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We know more and more about cholesterol and thanks to effective drugs we now know how to lower the rate. But wouldn’t it be better to play the prevention card? Which foods to favor? What attitude to adopt to prevent, rather than cure?

There is no mystery:  having regular physical activity , walking every day, but also and above all eating healthy are the keys to prevention.

Resolution number one  : practice a regular sporting activity, within the limits of your means and your time. Walking quickly for 30 minutes during the day, cycling or swimming, everyone must find the activity that suits them. The whole thing being not to neglect your body!

Resolution number two  : eat better, choose your foods.

Cholesterol: beware of the historyIf it is important to adopt good rules of hygiene of life, it is

also essential to carry out a small personal assessment of its risk factors  : are there people suffering from hypercholesterolemia in your family? Have your parents suffered from strokes or heart attacks? These diseases may be caused by too much bad cholesterol.

Do you eat a diet that is too high in saturated fat? Do you have overweight problems? A single positive answer to these questions will commit you to adopt a particular attitude.

Food: a major factor in preventing cholesterol

Eating better means, above all, choosing better your fat and calorie intake! The first rule is to eat a balanced diet. All the food groups must be represented and there is no question of depriving yourself completely of fat because in your family we have cholesterol. Only excess should be banned. We will also take care to eat fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity and especially to vary them. Everything is a matter of choice and you can eat anything, paying attention to the quantities but above all to the quality of the food. A good diet is one that avoids frustration. To cook, we respect the same basic rules. Cooking a variety of foods and favoring vegetable oils for cooking food are simple actions that will help you prevent the risk of excess cholesterol.

Regular physical activity to prevent cholesterol

To avoid too high a cholesterol level in the blood, it is recommended to practice physical activity regularly. For example, you can take a brisk walk for 30/45 minutes three times a week. Other easy-to-practice activities: swimming and cycling. Beginners can start with short 15/20 minute sports sessions, then increase the time and pace as you progress. Your heart will thank you!

Other ideas to fight against excess cholesterol

Get tested regularly! Indeed, it is better to act. Sometimes, simple dietary measures are sufficient to regulate a recent and still minor dysfunction, while more serious treatment will be necessary if the problem is allowed to worsen. Screening is a simple gesture that you can do yourself thanks to the tests sold in pharmacies. If the results reveal too much bad cholesterol, you will need to consult your doctor who will prescribe more in-depth laboratory analyzes and, if necessary, drug treatment.. In any case, it will certainly ask you to initiate a more balanced diet and to choose suitable and varied foods.

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