How can you limit eczema when you wash your hands frequently?

Necessary to protect against pathogens, very regular hand washing.

Eczema Association. How to take care of your hands? The organization

 lists practical solutions.

Coronavirus, bacteria … Washing your hands, a barrier gesture  against diseases Washing your hands very regularly is the best way to prevent the  spread of infections . Why ? Because pathogens can last for a few  hours on smooth surfaces like the screen of a phone and several days  on porous surfaces like clothes.

When we touch these objects, viruses , bacteria and other germs end  up on our hands. And the latter are frequently in contact with the face: 20 times per hour according to an Australian study 1 .

Problem: Half of these contacts are made with the fastest entry  points to the interior of the body, namely the nose, mouth and eyes.

 The only way to remove pathogens from our hands: very frequent cleaning with soapy water or a hydroalcoholic solution .

Too frequent hand washing can make eczema worse ” Very regular hand washing weakens even more dry and bruised skin

 by eczema “, warns the French Eczema Association in a press release

2 . To avoid damaging your hands, the organization recommends:

Use “soap-free” soaps , suitable for atopic skin, or washing oils, favoring fragrance-free products;

Dry hands gently without rubbing with the towel;

Moisturize your skin with emollient creams or non-allergenic “screens”, in particular after using hydroalcoholic gel which can  cause tingling or burning sensations. 

For more information, the association has made available to patients  a free application “Living with Chronic Hand Eczema” ” to follow the evolution of their situation and benefit from practical advice “.

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