Poor diet, the cause of chronic fatigue

Poor nutrition is the cause of one in five deaths worldwide, according to the results of a study by the University of Washington . In France, 25% of consultations are made for the same reason. Indeed, the unbalanced diet is a social problem that is growing more and more. It is the cause of many illnesses, psychological, pathological or chronic. There are some very important causes which are considered more than others. But in reality, consequences such as chronic fatigue and lack of energy which are considered minor have repercussions on daily life.

What is a bad diet?

Generally speaking, there are six main categories of food:

Carbohydrates represented by starches, cereals;
The proteins represented by meat, eggs, fish;
Vitamins and fibers represented by water, drinks
Fruits and vegetables  ;
Dairy products  ;
Fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins .
Carbohydrates provide the energy necessary for the maintenance of life and for all activities of the body. Proteins provide the resources necessary for the building of new tissue, growth and maintenance of the body. Dairy products provide the calcium necessary for healthy bones and teeth. All these elements are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

A poor diet is defined as an excessive intake of sugar, saturated fatty acid and salt or a diet low in fruits and vegetables. Unbalanced diet is a very recurring disorder that we all suffer from without even realizing it. Indeed, the unbalanced diet creates nutritional deficiencies. These nutritional deficiencies can have very serious consequences on health. They can cause stunted growth, cognitive and emotional development disorders, but also chronic disorders such as chronic fatigue and lack of energy that we do not often talk about. Faced with these consequences, it is important to take care of your dish and opt for a balanced diet.

Chronic fatigue and lack of energy, consequences of an unbalanced diet
Chronic fatigue is a psychological or pathological illness that causes fatigue, lack of energy and a feeling of emptiness. There are many causes of chronic fatigue. Sometimes due to a lack of sleep or permanent stress, chronic fatigue exhausts the body as well as the brain and mind. Apart from all these causes, there is another cause of fatigue that is not often talked about. It is about bad eating. Indeed, the poor distribution of energy intake during the day can be the source of a feeling of very pronounced chronic fatigue. In fact, the level of energy is strongly linked to our diet . An unbalanced diet is therefore a direct obstacle to lack of energy.

Indeed, the food we consume is transformed into energy and distributed in the body for it to function. Brain cells are the most energy intensive since it all starts there. In order to have a balanced diet and a healthy diet , it is important to take into account the glycemic index of foods . By eating very often and in a balanced way, we help our body to regulate the level of energy. The equitable distribution of this energy allows good functioning both biologically and physically. Indeed, the lack of energy decreases our capacity and makes us in a bad mood.. It keeps us from achieving our goals for the day which can be very frustrating and stressful.

Some recommendations for a healthy diet and a balanced diet
It is possible to fight unhealthy eating simply by adopting a healthy and balanced food hygiene . To achieve this, we make some recommendations here.

Eat at least three times a day at intervals of 3 to 4 hours. According to nutritionists, it is important to have a well-defined eating routine. This allows the body to plan and function better. Indeed, a normal man must eat at least 3 times a day. Always start with breakfast which is the most important of the day. A balanced breakfast replenishes energy for a radiant day. Lunchas for him must be rather light. We must avoid fatty substances which are nothing other than the manifestation of a bad diet. In addition, digestion is a function of the body that consumes a lot of energy. And finally the supper which must be even lighter than the lunch. The snack is not to be neglected, however, it is not an essential meal.
Prefer nutritious meals rich in carbohydrates and protein. Foods high in carbohydrates and protein are the foods that provide the most energy.
Avoid sugary foods. When we get hungry during the day, we turn to chocolate bars or juice to refuel quickly. But, this is a bad idea. By consuming sugary foods, you gain energy instantly, but this energy drops very quickly and you will be hungry. In addition, sugar is not good for you.
To drink a lot of water. This is the most important tip for fighting unhealthy eating . Our body is made up of 70% water, it is important to nourish it.
In short, an unbalanced diet has very serious health consequences. These consequences can be pathological or psychological such as chronic fatigue which leads to lack of energy. To combat an unbalanced diet, it is important to eat at least three times a day. At each meal, it is imperative to incorporate all the food groups. Each of these food groups has a specific role to play. It is therefore important not to forget a single one. Since our energy level is directly related to what we consume, we must opt ​​for a balanced diet.

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