Symptoms of stress

Our modern universe is subject to a constant acceleration of our rhythms and our skills, and our organism has more and more difficulty in reacting to the various pressures which besiege our mind as well as our physique. However, too many emotional, cerebral or bodily stimuli end up causing withdrawal reflexes. We call it stress. What are the signs of stress ? How to get rid of it? Answers.

Good or bad, stress is the ability to respond immediately to unexpected stimulation. For example, to run to escape danger, or to be moved by a happy but unexpected event. Stress plays a role in regulating emotions.

One in three people suffer from negative stress . It is partly linked to sedentarization, the use of the car and our environment. It is characterized by an inability to cope with too much build-up of tension.

Symptoms of stress

We do not all react to stress the same way. Some are less likely to be overwhelmed and shot down by the ever increasing demands placed on them, especially at work. In addition to this scenario of fighting against time and excellence, there are nuisances such as noise and pollution. The first signs of stress are:

  • irritability
  • the migraine
  • the stomachache
  • the backache
  • loss of appetite
  • A real danger looms when other physiological signs are observed, such as an acceleration of the pulse , an increase in blood pressure , sweating , an acceleration of the respiratory rate or even contractions of the abdominal and back muscles . We then witness a tensioning of the body which wants to react.

The consequences of stress

Stress can have more or less serious consequences on the body if it is not treated. A stressed person will usually withdraw into themselves and suffer from mood swings, insomnia , chronic fatigue , loss of appetite, or binge eating . His immune system is also weakened.

Be careful, stress that is not treated can lead to serious pathologies such as depression and heart attack , if the subject is predisposed to it.

Solutions to fight stress

Because of too much tension, too many people end up suffering from stress illnesses. To reconcile your body and your psyche, solutions exist:

Changing your surroundings for a few days can create a salutary shock. By breaking with our habits, we give ourselves the opportunity and the chance to unwind the tensions that create stress;
The relaxation , the muscle relaxation exercises , the practice of yoga can help fight stress;

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